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Parent-Child Communication

As a result of modern technology, we Americans live in a global society.

This phenomena of rapid information exchange can be exciting as well as challanging. Our children are living in a world where information and images can be sent or viewed with the greatest of ease. Intellectually these advances can have a positve effect, but emotionally the same cannot be said

Images of violence, promiscuous sex, and cavalier drug usage can erode the moral fiber of our impressionable youth.

This can lead to drug abuse, domestic violence, gang affiliation, school drop-outs, and a larger prision population. This problem can affect every facet of society. What can be done about this?

We feel that educating families, communities, businesses, from child to adult, identifying problems and offering solutions is key. Communication skills are nessasary. Peer mediation procedures can be taught. Drug and violence prevention can be addressed. We need to teach our children and families to have healthy relationships.

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